Join the Institutional Religious Freedom Alliance . . .

By joining IRFA you will give witness to, and help to champion the religious freedom of, faith-based services in our society.

IRFA works to protect the freedom of faith-based organizations to maintain their religious identity and practices. We draw together faith-based organizations, their associations, and interested individuals across religious, ethnic, and sector lines to make common cause for institutional religious freedom. We are dedicated to forward-acting initiatives and to crafting better solutions rather than only opposing bad proposals. We are convinced that the cause of institutional religious freedom must be actively promoted in Washington, DC, state capitals, and elsewhere. We dare not merely hope that our government and society will continue to protect the freedom that faith-based services need.

Join IRFA to:

  • Be at the forefront in understanding the often threatening environment surrounding your organization
  • Become part of an expansive network of faith-based service organizations
  • Demonstrate to the public the great importance that you place on your religious identity and faith-shaped practices
  • Show your members, your donors, and the public your commitment to upholding religious freedom for all
  • Multiply your ability to affect policy developments
  • Help to sustain IRFA initiatives that make your own organization’s educational and advocacy work more effective
  • Participate in member-only conference calls and webinars.

Members will not be publicly identified without specific permission.

How IRFA Acts . . .

  • We provide analysis and perspectives on critical legislative, administrative, and legal developments—federal issues and nationally significant state and local issues.
  • We coordinate advocacy of joint religious freedom concerns.
  • We develop talking points and concepts so that faith-based organizations are better able to persuasively communicate their convictions and the value of their service.
  • We brief Capitol Hill offices and nurture a network of supportive Hill staffers.
  • We offer to the press, academia, and think tanks an articulate, well-informed, alternative perspective to the loud anti-faith voices.
  • We engage with the federal government to preserve faith-friendly policies.
  • We train lawyers about institutional religious freedom.
  • We coordinate strategic legal discussions about how best to strengthen this freedom.
  • We provide accessible training on religious hiring to faith-based organizations (in development).

Sustaining Investors

IRFA particularly welcomes major contributions that enable us to develop organizationally and to expand our services. Suggested annual contributions from individuals, organizations, or associations:

IRFA Builder: $10,000.

IRFA Sponsor: $5,000.

Please contact IRFA President Stanley Carlson-Thies about becoming a Sustaining Investor in IRFA.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 443-822-7599

Annual Dues

Supporting memberships are open to faith-based organizations and to associations of faith-based organizations. Individual membership is available to persons who support the faithful service of faith-based organizations (e.g., lawyers and scholars, consultants, staff of faith-based organizations, scholars, etc.).

Annual membership begins when an application is accepted by IRFA.

Annual Dues for Associations and Organizations

Annual revenue Annual dues
less than $100,000 $100
$100,000 to $499,999 $250
$500,000 to $999,999 $750
$1,000,000 to $2,999,999 $1,000
$3,000,000 and above $2,000

Annual Dues for Individuals

Silver Membership $250 or more
Gold Membership $500 or more
Platinum Membership $1000 or more

How to Join

Download the appropriate membership form (see the links below), fill it out, and send it to IRFA with your check. Applications for membership must be accepted by IRFA to become effective, and will be confirmed by a receipt after approval.

Application for Faith-Based Organizations and Associations

Application for Individual Membership

IRFA Member Pledge

  • We support IRFA’s mission to uphold the religious freedom of faith-based service organizations of all religious traditions.
  • We will speak respectfully about IRFA and other IRFA members, even when criticizing IRFA’s policies and actions, its staff, or its members.

IRFA is a Christian organization that is committed to religious freedom for institutions and individuals of all faiths—the right, wise, and only strategy that will lead to persuasive influence on government, the media, and the public.