IRFA Submits Comments on HHS Contraceptives Mandate

IRFA Submits Comments on HHS Contraceptives Mandate

Cardinal Weurl is the Archbishop over the nation’s capital. (Photo credit: Georgetown University)

In early February, 2013, the federal government asked for comments on its Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that offered draft and amended regulations concerning protecting the religious freedom of churches and faith-based organizations that object to including coverage of some or all contraceptive services in their employee health plans.

IRFA’s comments argue that the administration’s proposed “accommodation” for faith-based service organizations such as hospitals, colleges, and charities does not solve the religious freedom problem.  And it advocates that the administration must eliminate the two-tier scheme of religious freedom it has created, and extend from churches to non-church faith-based organizations a genuine exemption from having to provide coverage of morally objectionable contraceptives.

Read IRFA’s comments here (PDF).

IRFA’s comments refer to a June 2012 letter to HHS. Sec. Sebelius that was organized by IRFA.  Read that letter here (PDF).